Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Top 5


heute möchte euch heute meine Top 5 aus meiner Nagellack Sammlung zeigen. Ich habe wirklich viele Lacke. Zwar geht es immer noch mehr, aber es sind schon einige. Und ich habe auch wirklich viele, sehr viele wundervolle Lacke. Denn würde ich sagen, dass diese fünf Lacke, die jenigen wären, die ich mir rausnehmen würde, wenn ich nur fünf Lacke behalten dürfte.

Hi there,

today I wanna show you my Top 5 from my polish collection. I have a lot polishes. Indeed there could be some more, but it's an acceptable collection. And I love all of my polishes and some are so pretty that I can't stop looking at them. But if I had to take only five polishes out of my collection, it would be these five.

This glitter polish looks so amazing and I love to wear it over other polishes. It is a girly pink and in sunlight it sparkles with holografic glitters. Just gorgeous!

This one is my favorite nude. I love it. My nails look so clean and  neat and it makes my fingers look langer and thinner. And it goes with everything.

If I had to choose just one polish for the rest of my life it would be Ruby Pumps. This one is sexy and  ladylike. And the glitter is so sparklingly without beeing too glittery. When I wear this I get a lot compliments and I love my nails even more with Ruby Pumps on it.

Blue is my favorite color. Even in the matter of nail polish. Mesmerize is the perfect royal blue. In my opinion blue polish is perfect to spice up an outfit. It looks great with jeans and t-shirt. And even with a little black dress or something more dressy. It's just perfect for everything. Some may love red polish as the "classy" color. For me it's blue. This blue.

This is a dark blue creme, nearly black. It is my favorite polish for my toes. But I love to wear it on my finger nails too. It is super dark without beeing black and it's predestinated for beeing topped with any glitter polishes like China Glaze - Fairy Dust.

Ich hoffe, es ist in Ordnung, dass ich die Beschreibung nur auf englisch gemacht habe. Bei Fragen aber bitte einfach ein Kommentar schreiben! :-)
Was haltet ihr von meiner Top 5? Und vorallem, was ist eure Top 5? Lasst es mich wissen, damit ich diese Schätze näher beäugen kann!


What do you think of? Do you like my Top 5?
And please tell me your Top 5 so I can check them out.