Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Guestpost] Nailside

Hello Polish Chest readers! I’m so honored to be a guest on Danny’s blog. I’ve been following this blog for quite a while now, because I just love Danny’s swatches and her beautiful nails. They can make me want about any polish, haha.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jane. I started my nailblog Nailside over a year ago. I had just gotten into nail polish and nail art and really wanted to share the things I made with others who have the same passion. Though I can enjoy just a plain color on my nails a lot, nail art is something I love to spend time on. It’s relaxing and I can express my creativity through it. The technique I mostly use for it is probably the tape method which I also used for my guestpost. With this technique you use tape to cover up parts of the nail, after which you apply nail polish and then remove the tape again to create a shape or a pattern. Using the tape method can take up a lot of time if you have multiple polish layers - because you’d have to wait for the previous layer(s) to dry like in the guestpost, but the crisp lines it creates are just worth it in my opinion. Let’s have a look at some nails then!

For this special post I made glamorous corners. The base color I used is Essence We Are All Bright, from the Season Of Extremes limited collection. We Are All Bright is actually a duo polish with two colors on each side of the bottle, but I only used the green/turquoise creme. When that had dried I used tape strips to cover up my nails, leaving the corners open so I could apply China Glaze Millenium over it to form a perfect silver square shape. As the finishing touch, I repeated those steps but now with OPI Glamour for those gorgeous blue holographic corners. ^^

And that was my guestpost, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for having me here, Danny!

Wow! Danke Jane!
Danke für das nette Kompliment und danke für die tolle Maniküre!
Es gefällt mir richtig gut und ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie sauber und ausgefallen deine Kreationen sind! Und ich bin auch etwas neidisch, dass du so talentiert bist! ;)
Jane macht sehr oft die verrücktesten Designs, sowohl freihand als auch mit Tape, und alle sind sie wunderschön. 

Wie gefällt euch der Beitrag von Jane und kanntet ihr Nailside bereits?


Wow! Thank you so much, Jane!
Thanks for the sweet compliments and for this awesome post!
I really love it and I'm once again amazed at your creativity and ideas. And, of cause, I am super jealous of your talent! ;)
Jane always does funky designs on her nails, both freehand and with tape. And they are always gorgeous!

What do you think of Janes guestpost? Do you know her?