Monday, August 6, 2012

[Guestpost] Did Someone Say Nailpolish?

Hello everyone at Polish Chest! 

I guess I'm cheating a bit with English. Not because it's not used on Polish Chest, it is, but because with my discovering of Polish Chest I concluded it will be the perfect place for practising my now weak German and at the same time looking at some very nice manis and nails. :) My language 'problems' aside (I sound a bit like Ducky from NCIS with stories no one really wants to hear), Polish Chest is a wonderful blog and Danny a great person so it is an honour to write a guest post for her. :)

A few words on my nail polish obsession. My first blog post showed up on the mighty Internet in September 2010, my nail polish obsession developed in the start of 2010, when a friend of mine showed me her collection of (back then) around 500 bottles and told me to google Scrangie. The rest is, as they say, history. My wishlist grew insanely long, so did my blog reading list but I refused to make my own blog because there were, in my opinion back then, too many already and I could never be as good as some of them. On a very boring day in September I yielded (plus I probably had to study, that usually helps) and thus Did Someone Say Nailpolish? was born, making my nail polish obsession even crazier. Now that the first crush is over, my WL is smaller and polish doesn't get on it so easily as earlier. ;) Still, I love nail polish, it became a part of my everyday look and I enjoy playing with all the colours and finishes. My number one colour was, is, and will be green, I cannot get sick of it, no matter what shade or finish. But I like just about every colour out there. Still,  I think the best feature you get with blogging is 'meeting' the awesome people, nail polish blogsphere was really a wonderful surprise when I started blogging. 

I decided I'll play a bit with nail art for this post, because I needed something awesome, right? And I remembered Danny loves the colour purple, so I went with Deborah Milano Sense Tech number 11 as the base colour. It's a deep purple with tiny silver shimmer in it, making the finish a bit suede-ish, which is great. I stamped my favourite Konad pattern with Essence Stamp Me! Silver. I'm still a noob when it comes to nail art, but I liked the result. Then I put some top coat on everything, to see the glossy version of the mani. The purple deepens making the stamping pop out more, which I really like.
The matte version.
The glossy version.
I hope you like it! Danny, thanks again for the opportunity to write for your awesome blog!

~ Ulmiel

Thank you Ulmiel! I really love your design. I'm so bad when it comes to stamping but I always love to look at others stamping manis.
And I'm sure my readers will like it too! :)