Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Guestpost] Love, Varnish, chocolate and more...

Hi everyone! My name is Deborah, I run a nail polish blog called Love. Varnish, chocolate and more.... I was very excited when Danny asked me to guestpost, she's one of the blogs I've been following for quite some time now and she has the most gorgeous nails! Those long nailbeds ♥ *dreamy sigh*.

Now when I asked her if she had anything specific in mind, she said I could do what ever I wanted, but that it would be nice if I told you a bit about myself, my blog and my love for nail polish. I haven't always been as obsessive with polish as I am nowadays. A few years ago I just to bite them, real bad! But then I decided I wanted normal, healthy looking nails and around the same time I stumbled upon a topic on a forum I spent too much time, where you could share a picture of your nails. This sparked my interest and I started wearing nailpolish to keep from me biting them.

Fast forward with a history of acrylics (it was  in between), I finally was becoming happy with my nails and even liked some of the pictures I took of them. My blog was born! I was very lucky to have some sweet nail polish friends that supported me in the beginning (and still do) because boy, is it hard to keep on writing when it feels like nobody cares! Slowly and steady, my blog started growing, I gained more followers, I even started receiving some samples from time to time! Now I post (almost) daily and have a good friend blogging along each Monday.

Okay, enough rambling about me right? Let's talk about some actual polish! My most favorite shade is teal and I wanted to use a combination I saw a while back at Oooh, Shinies! - it's a base of China Glaze Exotic Encounters and stamped with a england St. George. I used a MoYou London plate for this (Suki 05 XL) and it turned out SO. PRETTY! The MoYou London plates really are perfect, well etched, large images and the stamper I received from them is just so good. Stamping has never been easier!

I hope you like this combination as much as I do and maybe draw some inspiration from it too! Thanks again so much Danny for having me guestpost (and sorry it took so long!).

Xxx Deborah


Oh my gosh, Deborah, this is f*cking gorgeous! And teal is one of my favorite colors too. I love this amazing combination (I really should try this too) and I love, love, love this stamping!! 
I'm not the best at stamping but I really consider to get some of these pretty plates! And you make me want  them even more.

Thank you so much, Deborah! I'm 100% sure my lovely readers will like this post as mush as I do!