Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Guestpost] fall in...naiLove!


It's a great pleasure to be a guest at Danny's blog... and you have no idea how happy I'm to be here with you today!

Before we focus on the design I'll tell you my little secret. Pssssh....! I used to avoid painting any flowers on my nails... So embarrassing but I simply couldn't paint any floral patterns. With the beginning of 2014 I decided to improve my skills and became a bit flower-obssesed. Lately, flowers've appeared many times on my hands and I still want it more and more.
Today's design is inspired with Rifle Paper c.o. notebook. When I saw these flowers I got crazy about them! Some gold details make the whole look amazing so I wanted to recreate this pattern immediately. Frankly speaking, if you have lack for inspiration, you should go and look through Rifle Paper c.o. ideas!
I also wanted to  show you a short tutorial. At first paint your nails with a base and two coats of a polish ( I used Essie Mind Your Mittens). When it's dried we can go for the details: use a tiny nailart brush to create some gold branches (Catrice Golden Twenties), then grab your dotting tool and make the dotts. Now take a pink polish (Models Own Strawberry Tart) and do the flowers. For the flower details and leaves use acrylic paints. Remember to wait few minutes before you cover the design with the top coat (I used Poshe). Now it's done! :)

Hope you like my design and tutorial! I'd be extremely cheerful to see your versions of this nailart!

Danny, thank you so much, 

Kiss, kiss


Oh I love this! I always love, what you do, Tamit! This is super pretty and I would never get it this perfect! Thank you so much for guest posting! I'm so proud to have you here!