Thursday, October 9, 2014

[Guestpost] Grape Fizz Nails

Hiya Dolls

Thanks so much Danny for having me on Polish Chest today!  I'm Anne from Grape Fiss Nails and I wanted to share my new favorite nude polish with you all.  I picked up Essie Urban Jungle on clearance the other day and it turns out that this is my favorite nude of all time!

The formula is fantastic, two easy coats for perfect opacity and no streakiness!  Urban Jungle is so pretty and I found it to be perfect with my skin tone.  It's a creamy grey/putty color that has pink/purple undertones.  I just think this is such a cool color!

Thanks again Danny for having me!

Thank you Anne for your awesome nails and for that guestpost! I always love to look at your swatches. They are just perfekt. 
Thanks for making an effort for me!